Thursday, October 11, 2012

Google search features and image search

In this post I am gonna show you , how to use Google Search effectively.

  1. Image Search : Drag the image to search box on to find the similar image on Internet. The first result guesses the best possible information about the image. You can color filter the search by clicking on "Visually similar" on left pannel to find similar type of images for that image.
  2. Define "word": Google can be used as a dictionary using 'Define' keyword.  Ex: Define gravity
  3. Site keyword : To search with in a website site keyword is used. Ex: engineering
  4. Filetype keyword :  To search specific file over the internet. Ex: filetype:mp3 jenifer lopez 
  5. Intext : Operator to ensure the word you want, is actually on the page you find. Ex: engineering intext:cse
  6. Weather "city-name" : To know weather of a city. Ex: weather bangalore
  7. Minus operator : To exclude  keywords in the search result .Ex : engineering -cse
  8. Sunrise "city" : To know the time of sunrise in particular city. Ex: sunrise bangalore
  9. Time "City" : Ex: time bangalore
  10. Movies "city" :Ex: movies Bangalore
  11. Population "City" : Population of a city,country. Ex: population india
  12. Area "city" : Ex- area bangalore

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  1. gud one ..:)
    best one is image search ..helped me alot..:)