Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some Linux cli tips that you should know

In this post I'm giving few Linux CLI tips/shortcuts which i found very helpful and increase your speed while you are working on Linux using CLI. These tricks are very useful for those who are new to Linux.

  1. 'CTL+L' - Clear screen. (you can use 'clear' also to clear the screen).
  2. 'CTL+R' - Search recent commands from History.
  3. 'CTL+A' - Take the cursor to the start of current command.
  4. 'CTL+E' - Take the cursor to the end of currnet command.
  5. 'CTL+W' - To erase one word in current command.
  6. 'CTL+U' - To erase whole command.
  7. 'CTL+Y' - To type the above command which was erased by 'CTL+U'.
  8. 'CTL+D' - Exit or logout current session.
  9. 'screen' - run multiple session inside a single session. 'CTL+A' then 'N' to go to next session and 'CTL+A' then 'P' to go to previous session.
  10. 'CTL+C' - To halt current command
  11. 'CTL+Z' - Stop current command
  12. '!!' - Repeat previous command

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  1. I have always used the arrow keys to go to the start and end of the linux commands. Now i now easy way to move the cursor. Thanks a lot for posting this

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